Driving Lesson Prices

One of the questions we are usually asked first when we are contacted by prospective students is: “How much does it cost to learn to drive”.

In a sense, this is pretty much like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. This is because every learner driver proceeds at his or her own pace. Some may need only a few hours of instruction, along with some practice done with family or friends, to be ready to take on a driving test, while others may flounder and take a lot longer to gain confidence.

Learning to drive is certainly not a cheap process, but then driving is not a skill that anyone wants to be penny-pinching about. Your life depends on your driving ability and competence, so learning to drive cannot be short-changed. That having been said, we do realise that most of our learner drivers are young people without much cash to spare, so we keep our rates as low as possible and endeavour to get you “test ready” with the minimum number of lessons.

Before you can think of paying for lessons, however, you have to be aware that there are fees to pay for the cost of licences and tests.

  • First provisional licence for a car: £34 if you apply online, and £43 if you apply by post.
  • The Driving Theory test costs £23 for cars.
  • The Practical Driving test costs £62.
  • Your Driving Licence will be issued free once you’ve past the tests.

Most of our time at Pro Driving School is taken up with the pleasant job of giving new drivers a set of standard pre-test lessons. Our driving instructors will pick you up for a lesson any time between 8am and 8pm on weekdays, so you can book your lessons to fit around your work, college or school schedule. We always do our best to accommodate your preferred time and dates.

Unfortunately we cannot predict how many lessons you will need before you are ready to have a driving test, but after our friendly instructors get the measure of you they will be able to give you a rough idea of how you are progressing.

If you have a driving licence and want to take advantage of our advanced driver training courses, we will be very happy to tailor a package for you. We also give generous discounts for block bookings.

Some examples of our prices are:

  • LEARNER DRIVER: From £36 Per Hour
  • PASS PLUS COURSE: From £240
  • REFRESHER COURSE: From £40 Per Hour

Our driving instructors, Alan and Lorraine, are local to the areas where they teach, and highly qualified and experienced. Alan covers the Bath area, and Lorraine works in and around Frome, Radstock, Westbury, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon.

We are very proud of the fact that there are many happy, competent drivers in Somerset and Wiltshire who learned their skills from our professional duo. Contact Pro Driving School as soon as possible so you can join them.

Semi – Intensive Driving Course

Successful Learner

Learning to drive doesn’t have to take months.

If you’re in a real hurry to pass your test – for a job, during college holidays, or new to the UK – we can provide you with tailored  intensive tuition to enable you to pass quicker.

Motorway Lessons

At Pro Driving we understand that driving on a motorway may be a daunting experience. Our instructors can provide you with the support required to be competent and confident driving on a motorway.

In addition to this we can offer existing drivers lessons in motorway driving, to help them overcome the nervousness, and make them more confident and safer on the road.


Pass Plus Driving Courses

The government’s Pass Plus scheme is a neat way of increasing the confidence and the competence of new drivers – and saving them money. Many insurance companies are now offering discounts to drivers with Pass Plus certificates.

Refresher Driving Courses

Here at Pro driving school we understand that sometimes certain drivers need a re-fresher, whether this is manoeuvres, motorway driving, or just general driving we can provide a great re-fresher course for you to bump-start your confidence in driving.

Driver Confidence

You may have just removed your L plates and passed your test. Our instructors can provide you with additional lessons to help you build your confidence & skills.

We help you become more confident and safer by providing additional support and training.